Chalk Painting – A new obsession is born!

chalk1This was my first attempted chalk painting, and like everyone else who tries it, I’m hooked!

Instead of spending about $60 on paint and wax alone, I found this recipe and used this wax.

The total cost for this table was about $8

I used this tutorial which I found to be very thorough. The author is using Annie Sloan paint, but you get the drift.

Since the Minwax comes as a solid, painting it on, like the tutorial linked above instructs, wasn’t applicable. Instead, Minwax directs you to take a chunk of wax and place it inside your lint-free cloth and rub it on. Doing this allowed the wax be applied evenly. Apply the wax in circles, wipe it off with the grain of the wood.

I’ve read some blogs that say you shouldn’t need to do more than one coat. This guy took two coats, but that’s probably thanks to me cheaping out on brushes and the fact that the original colour was a bright green that would make your eyes burn if you stared at it too long.

My step son and I put on Guardians of the Galaxy and were able to mix the paint, apply two coats, wax, buff and wax the table top again before the movie was over. The paint dries in about 30 minutes.

$ Saving Tip – Look in the mis-tint bin at your paint store. I got a quart of paint for $5!

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Lone Starburst Pillow

This is what became of the Lone Starburst quilt block:


Yesterday we threw our annual Oscar Party! I made an appetizer inspired by each Best Picture nomination, we played Oscar Bingo and followed along with our Oscar Ballots.

I had grab bags for the bingo winners and the person with the best ballot score at the end of the night won the pillow! It was a great night with great friends, tasty food and passionate fights over who deserved the award more. I can hardly wait for next year!

Again, the pattern I used was from Six White Horses and I was inspired by Helpful Homemaker‘s design. If you’d like to play along next year with the Oscar Ballots and Bingo, you have to check out How About Orange for her fantastic Oscar Night package that will have your guests engaged from beginning to end!

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Lone Starburst

imageI can’t say who or what this is for quite yet, but here is the Lone Starburst quilt block. This is my first real attempt at paper piecing and all I can say is – look at those points! Once you get the hang of it, this pattern is fairly quick to put together, but in my experience it pays to be generous with your pieces, unless you enjoy stitch ripping.


Here’s the link to the pattern by Six White Horses, if you’d like to try it out.

Hoping to have this guy in my Finish pile by Sunday. 🙂

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Seed Stitch Cowl

10959659_10153000031976508_5233758479151562363_nHere’s a scarf I made recently on circular needles (hooray for no seams!) and I’ve passed it on to a friend in Calgary. With the mild “winter” we have had here, I had a feeling it will get more use at her place. 🙂

The wool I used was a Bulky 5 and the needles were US Size 15. This whole thing came together in a couple of hours and only used one ball of yarn (116m).

Knit and Bake’s  tutorial takes it nice and slow with tons of pictures, which I find very helpful. If you are planning on getting cozy this weekend, maybe watching the Oscars (so excited!!) try it out and let me know what you thought! Here’s the tutorial from Knit and Bake, whose entire site is super friendly with lots of great patterns and recipes.

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Great Canadian Stash-Busting Quilt Bee 2015

In November of 2014, I was poking around for a quilt bee I could join in the New Year. All of the bees that had any room left weren’t really my style or were long distance bees (which meant expensive shipping costs).

I decided to try to start my own bee and open it up to modern Canadian quilters only. As members trickled in, I started to worry that the whole thing would flop and I would have to disappoint the few quilters who had joined up. Boy, was I wrong! The first person to join was an incredibly talented  quilter who is part of a modern quilt guild in Alberta. I emailed to see if she knew anyone who might be interested in joining. Between her contacts and the guild I belong to (Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild), we filled up our roster in less than a month and had others asking if they could join in on the next round! It was a complete shock to me, but it reminded me of the wise words of Wayne Gretzky:

“You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

So here we are in February and I have made a block for Stacey, using this tutorial:









And a block for Jera, using this tutorial:









My January blocks have all arrived and now comes the fun/excruciating part of deciding how they should be placed on the quilt top. I’ll update as I go in Starts and Finishes.

If you want to keep up on our progress, or you’re interested in joining in the next round (July 2015) check out our Flickr page.

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Queen Bee Month

January was the month that I shared the Queen Bee status with my pal, Stacey. The block that I asked for was pretty easy-going. I asked for flying geese in any configuration as long as the fabric used was the Cotton+Steel fat quarters I sent out to everyone along with low volume accents.

Here is the block I made for myself:


As of last week I have received the other 11 blocks (plus an extra one, for good measure ♥), so now the fun part is deciding the best configuration.

What do you think?

Great photo shared via Fotor

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Welcome Baby – 9 Adorable Quilt Patterns

CoverThe patterns in this book are designed for makers just like me…. fat-quarter-loving, pre-cut-buying, chain-piece-doing kinda quilters!

The pattern displayed on the cover interested me most. I am especially drawn to everything nautical and love the simplicity and the scrappy nature of that block. So, naturally the first pattern I tried was “Little Sailor” by Darra Williamson. How cute is the wave and boat design!? The instructions are beginner-friendly and the illustrations walk you through each step with ease. The quilt came together very quickly and I’m looking forward to giving it to the mommy-to-be next month.

01-32 B1309 Finals.inddI also made the “Cross Weave” quilt by Amy Smart. The supplies were quick to pull together (most of which came from a charm pack) and this classic design has a fresh and modern feel. I love it so much, I might have to keep it for myself!

Given its price, content and clarity, this book is a great buy! The patterns may look complicated at first, but each one is broken down into simple, understandable blocks, with straightforward instructions and delicious photos and illustrations!

Welcome Baby is a book I will surely turn to over and over again, especially for those last minute shower gifts that always seem to pop up!

Pick up your copy here!

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The Perfect Clutch

New Skill

Button foot

This clutch will be your go-to item as your running out the door. If you’re like me, you’ll be making up your own pattern as you go, but below are the steps to make this great clutch. It’s one piece of fabric that once sewn together, you fold twice. It doesn’t get much easier! Have fun with it!

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Phillip – the hipster monster with wings!

Just a quick blog to say….

I’ve sold my first handmade item! Wow, does that ever feel good to say!

I started sewing last October, and since then I have taken a quilting class and made a lap quilt, crafted about ten market bags, six makeup cases, one scarf, a doll from a pattern and now….. I’ve actually sold something! YAHOO!

I didn’t set out to make any money off of these creations. To be honest, it was one of those things I’ve always wanted to master, and in the last year, I have found myself with all kinds of time on my hands, so I figured, there’s no time like the present!

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